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 Auction March 4-14, 2022

auction closes 10PM Pacific time March 14

All of items are donated and many are gently used or older pieces. We are grateful to the donors for their part in our fundraising efforts. If you have any questions about any of the items, please ask. An email to will get a prompt reply.

To place a bid, send an email to and please put AUCTION in subject line. On your first bid provide your mailing address.....even if you have joined our auction in the past. If you wish to bid higher on an item than the current bid, please use a minimum increment of $2.

Items with Reserve bids will show the current bid as soon as the reserve is met.

More information about shipping and invoicing is at the end of the items catalog, below.



10B. Tissue Box Cover

Comfy Couch with Yorkie pillows in a dark blue print, covers a tissue box


Starting bid $15

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12. Set of Head Studies

3 magnets—2 are 2.5”, 1 is 3.75”,

the statuette is 4.5” and is marked EP ‘05


Starting bid for the set $10

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19. Charmed I’m sure

6 charms on a smooth key loop

There are three of these, bid on





Starting bid for each $5

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23. Yorkie Magazines

What a treasure trove of information: pictures of dogs you see in pedigrees that you always wanted to know about, and pedigrees of many of those dogs to lead you further back in your dog's ancestry.  See who was doing what and where "in Yorkies" during the years of huge shows and specialties...articles too about the topics we were concerned about back then and still concerned about now.

This collection contains issues of Yorkshire Terrier Reporter (1976), Yorkshire Terrier Quarterly (1971, Summer 1975, Summer 1985, Spring 1990) TNT (April/May 1991, Aug/Sep 1991, Dec/Jan 1992), Dog fancy Mar 1993 (Yorkie on cover), The Blue & Gold Yorkshire Terrier (premier issue 1986), a German Toy Magazine with mostly Yorkies in color (Dec 1976), Yorkie Tales (one from 1975, complete years 1977-1984, Feb-Apr 1985, Jan, Mar 1986), The Yorkshire Terrier Magazine (6 issues published per year: this collection has the Charter Issue (1982), and some from each year through 1994).

That's 147 magazines! (if I counted correctly)


Bidders who would like to have the whole collection will be entertained first. Starting bid  $150

Bids on individual issues can be placed and will be honored if no one takes the entire collection. Starting bids at $3 per issue.

Have a proposal of your own?  contact us and let's discuss.

see description for details

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24. Cooling Mat

Crystalline beads absorb cold water and to keep the pad cool. Dryable and reusable.


Starting Bid $5

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28. Schnauzer slippers

Size 8-11 


Starting bid $8

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Thanks!  Your donation via this online event is appreciated!

Shipping rates will be determined based on your address and the item's source address [The source codes are the letters in brackets at the end of each item description].   Please note that several of the delicate items will have special packaging and probably higher shipping rates. 

Once the auction is closed, your items will be packaged and the shipping calculated, for your approval with invoicing.  You will then receive an emailed invoice, which can be paid by check or PayPal. Make checks payable to YTCA Foundation, and send to Gloria Lyon, Treasurer, 526 N West Avenue PMB 46, Arlington, WA  98223. If you use Paypal (you can do that through the Donate button on this website) please do not use the word auction or raffle in connection with your payment.