Welcome to our Fundraising Auction --UNDER CONSTRUCTION

This is where you will find our auction when it is ready to go. Right now, it is still under construction so don't bid on anything as the pictures are only for practice purposes and the items are NOT AVAILABLE.

Send your bid by email to auctioneer@ ?? and please put AUCTION in subject line. PLEASE also on your first bid provide your mailing address.

Shipping rates are approximate. If you are buying more than one item and it is being shipped from the same location..we can possibly lower the shipping cost. International buyers' shipping cost will be sent once calculated.



sample 4

let's see  how this one turns out.


$20 - Cinderella Smith

Starting bid $20


another item

This item is a group of many things. It's being described here for testing purposes only.

Some items are used and some are  new and some are just the best ever.


starting bid $20


curly maple

This is a second sample item with a description that will be longer than a part of the first line of the content box and we really do need to have the entire wording show up on the item.

Starting bid $50, estimated shipping $10


Trying this box

Changing this for testing. More words to see how much description can be put into this box and how it will looks when it is ready to go.  I'm putting in more words to see if it gets cut off when displayed.

Beginning bid $10. estimated shipping $5

How to bid

You can view our current items for bidding above.

Send an email with your bid to auctioneer@somewhere. Please put AUCTION in the subject line.   PLEASE also on your first bid provide your mailing address